Water thief

Sent in from Jaime Christopher in Washington, Christopher Home

We use lifefactory bottles, sippy cups AND large bottles daily. I keep one upstairs and downstairs. My little water thief uses mine too, I can't keep her away from mine....here she is.

The Thirsty City Traveller

Sent in from Ashley in Toronto Ont

Swapping my plastic tumbler for a BPA free "Life" factory glass water bottle was the easiest and best decision for my everyday day "Life" travels. I take my bottle everywhere from, Work/home/yoga/plane/train/car/dishwasher you name it my  bottle has gone and the best part is its still in great shape. My husband and I are embarking on a few world traveling adventures this year starting with Thailand in April. Bring on adventure!

The love of my Lifefactory

Sent in from Linda in Irvine, CA

I bought these bottles thinking I was the best mom in the world. Why? Because they're eco friendly and they're awesome. But I'm no where near being the perfect mom. I was diagnosed with post partum depression shortly after our son turned three months. Dealing with a mental disease and being a mom took a toll on me. I never knew that these bottles would make my life much easier. There were days when I didn't feel like disinfecting his bottles and I would just wash them. Washing 3 pieces was a big deal to me compared to plastic bottles that had to be washed multiple times. No oily residue nor milk was ever left behind my glass bottles. Not only do I love lifefactory but I also thank them. For making my disease seem a little less stressful.

Lifefactory for all occasions

Sent in from Brianna Nobil in Vallejo, CA

My son and I are both Lifefactory lovers! He has used Lifefactory since birth. We each have multiple bottles and caps for our various drinks throughout the day. Lifefactory bottles are the only bottles I trust are truly clean and don't ever have a funny smell or taste.

L is for Lifefactory!

Sent in from Grace in United States

I have tried all kinds of different water bottles for my family some aren't big enough, have a funny plastic or metal taste or simply leak. I love our life factory bottles and so does my son. The water always tastes clean and our bottles are stylish and functional.