Lifefactory fuses a modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a full line of Safe, Simple and Smart products. Safe: we rely on trusted core materials such as glass and silicone and manufacture responsibly in the U.S. and Europe. Simple: all products are easy to use and dishwasher safe – no instruction manuals needed. Smart: functional reusable products come together to form a complete and elegant everyday system.

  • Our Founders

    Our Founders

    Meet our co-founders: Daren Joy, an award-winning integrative designer, and Pam Marcus, a pediatric feeding specialist.

  • Healthy & Responsible

    Healthy & Responsible

    We believe in using the healthiest and safest materials available and always manufacturing our products responsibly.

  • Reusable by Design

    Reusable by Design

    Our products are built to grow with your family through every life stage and never become obsolete.

  • Cradle to Table

    Cradle to Table

    We offer a complete range of bottles from infant to adult – or “cradle to table” as we like to say.

  • The Power of Color

    The Power of Color

    Lifefactory co-founder, Daren Joy, explores the mystery of color and how he selects the colors for our bottle sleeves.

  • Special Edition Archive

    Special Edition Archive

    We build special edition bottles in limited quantities for fun and for charity. These bottles are no longer available but are nice to look back on.

  • Facebook Family Album

    Facebook Family Album

    Here are a collection of images posted on our Facebook page. It's a colorful view of the Lifefactory family.