YummyToddlerFood.com - Featuring Storage Collection and 4 oz Glass Baby Bottle - November 27, 2015

Since the season of gift giving is upon us, I wanted to share some of the kitchen tools that I turn to over and over to make feeding my family easier...

Lifefactory Storage Containers
These glass containers are a convenient size for packing lunches or storing leftovers, and they are oven-safe so you can actually warm things up right in them. (Plus the colors are so fun!)

Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle and Sippy Cap
We've largely moved away from sippy cups now that L is three, but I'm keeping our stash of glass bottles on hand for baby #2. We like these little bottles for serving up milk with dinner and love how easy they are to store any leftover milk for the next snack or mealtime. (We have 2 of this size bottle and that has been plenty.)

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