Beach day

Sent in from Naila Akimov in Chicago

We love the straw bottles!! They are the only ones that my daughter will use!

Badger Love

Sent in from Jentri Jollimore (& everyone at Badger!) in Gilsum, New Hampshire

The Badgers love our Lifefactory bottles! It's part of Badger Balm's company culture to only use reusable bottles, cups, mugs, plates, and flatware whenever possible. So if you take a tour of Badger HQ in Gilsum, NH you'll see one on practically everyone's desk! Here's a few of us showing off our assorted styles. Love, the Badger Balm family.

Always with me…always!!!

Sent in from Amanda Mendez in Boise, ID

My boss and his wife found these on a road trip and fell in love with them. I thought he was ridiculous when he was telling me how he loved it and his water tastes so much better. He gave me one...I was amazed, from the very first sip. We love the brand so much, our business now sells them, strictly for the opportunity to let others share in our awe. My bottle comes with me everywhere, yoga in the mornings, work all day, any where I go it is with me. I never miss an opportunity to tell others just how amazing they are. Who ever thought you could fall in love with a bottle...but you can and you do!

I don’t leave home without it

Sent in from Kirstie in San Francisco, California

My mom gave me my first Lifefactory water bottle in 2007 and I've been using one daily ever since. I've bought different sizes in different colors over the years to match my day's activities and what will fit into the purse I've decided to use. It's important to me to drink clean filtered water during the day and these bottles help me do that. (I have a water filter at home.) Plastic bottles are wasteful and make water taste terrible. Finally, Lifefactory bottles look nice, and the wide mouth make it easy to drink from and also to clean. Great product that I cannot do without!

Safe, secure bottle to keep hydrated at work

Sent in from Kamila in United States

Work at an emergency room as a RN. Use my 4oz Lifefactory bottle to bring heavy cream to work for my coffee and the 9oz with the flat lid to drink my green smoothies from and coffee from. Everybody likes my bottles. I do too.