My morning companion

Sent in from Bianca in Montréal, Québec

I work a very hectic and time consuming job. I am forever on the go, even on Saturdays ! However, my Lifefactory bottle always follows. Rain, sun, snow, blizzards... It's always with me. Keeping me hydrated and well nourished throughout the day. People wonder why I'm always so cheerful, I tell them it's because I always have my companion by my side.

No matter what the weather…

Sent in from Roberta weisbecker in Long Island, New York

At first, I bought a lifefactory bottle to hydrate during the summer heat... After awhile I started using it all the time, then everyone in my family started to 'borrow' it! Soon after everyone in the house wanted one. We have added to our lifefactory collection and everyone in our home drinks from them in the sun, rain, or snow! They go everywhere with us.

Water thief

Sent in from Jaime Christopher in Washington, Christopher Home

We use lifefactory bottles, sippy cups AND large bottles daily. I keep one upstairs and downstairs. My little water thief uses mine too, I can't keep her away from she is.

The Thirsty City Traveller

Sent in from Ashley in Toronto Ont

Swapping my plastic tumbler for a BPA free "Life" factory glass water bottle was the easiest and best decision for my everyday day "Life" travels. I take my bottle everywhere from, Work/home/yoga/plane/train/car/dishwasher you name it my  bottle has gone and the best part is its still in great shape. My husband and I are embarking on a few world traveling adventures this year starting with Thailand in April. Bring on adventure!

The love of my Lifefactory

Sent in from Linda in Irvine, CA

I bought these bottles thinking I was the best mom in the world. Why? Because they're eco friendly and they're awesome. But I'm no where near being the perfect mom. I was diagnosed with post partum depression shortly after our son turned three months. Dealing with a mental disease and being a mom took a toll on me. I never knew that these bottles would make my life much easier. There were days when I didn't feel like disinfecting his bottles and I would just wash them. Washing 3 pieces was a big deal to me compared to plastic bottles that had to be washed multiple times. No oily residue nor milk was ever left behind my glass bottles. Not only do I love lifefactory but I also thank them. For making my disease seem a little less stressful.