Finally Met “The One”

Sent in from Tracy Geagan in Cleveland, OH

Each time I would buy a new sippy cup or trainer cup for my kids I would have flashbacks to my single and dating days, "Will this be 'The One' or just end up like all the others and be another disappointment?" I have spent a sickening amount on money on sippy cups and novelty cups over the past 4 years... And don't even get me started on the aggravation that has come with trying to disassemble and reassemble them. I'm pretty certain you need a rocket science degree to properly do so... Or at least a full night's rest, of which I have neither. On an impromptu shopping trip to our local health food store, I finally found "The One." Lifefactory! (Interesting sidenote: I also met my husband while randomly grocery shopping). I bought two of the pink 12 oz sizes with a cautiously optimistic attitude to it's potential success. When I tried them out on my girls (Ages 2 and 4) I was blown away with how instant of a success they were! My daughters both drank all 12 oz within a couple of hours and drank even more when I refilled them. No nagging, prodding or bribing needed! Back in our sippy cup days, I couldn't even get them to drink 6 oz in a day! Thinking this might be a fluke, I filled them up the next day and, again, was so pleased with how much water my girls drank. They now go with us everywhere we go: Ballet, the library, trips to Grammy's, etc. We have been completely converted (my husband and I are proud owners of the 22 oz sizes) and I can't wait to get our sippy cup castoffs to Goodwill! Thank-you for finally being "The One."

Fits right in!

Sent in from Jane H. in Rochester, NY

This lovely blue lifefactory bottle travels really well to work. It fits in my car, in my backpack, and really well in my day-to-day activities. It is holding up well through washes and use. I really enjoy drinking from glass versus plastic or aluminum. The silicone cover protects the glass really well even when packed into the side of my backpack.

It’s a jungle in here

Sent in from Matt in Portland

I take my wife's lifefactory bottle, and my two year old son takes it from me. It ends up on our hand-me-down indoor play gym every afternoon. It's quite sturdy; it never breaks when he takes it out of my work bag! Once he figures how to get the cap off, I am in trouble!

A Day In The Life With My Lifefactory Bottle

Sent in from Stephanie C. in Richmond Hill, Ontario

As a student, I am always on the go! My Lifefactory bottle keeps up with my busy schedule, and also meets my needs as an eco-girl! My bottle also gives me the perfect opportunity to share and help others by shedding some light on the plastic epidemic we are facing. Plastic is hurting everything in our world, including us. I want our world to be a greener place, and me and my bottle are enlightening the world one by one! Thank you for a sustainable, healthy alternative Lifefactory.

Middle School Savior

Sent in from Jess Baxter in Yokr, Maine

I had no idea I could love a water bottle so much until now! My Lifefactory bottle was a Christmas gift to myself. It goes to middle school with me everyday. I put lemon, lime, or even both in my bottle each day. Without the straw cap, I definitely wouldn't drink as much water as I do now. I love the bottle so much that I bought one for my mom for Valentine's Day. It is a must-use for all!