The Power of Color

by Daren Joy

I grew up with color. I was born into an Artist family and was behind the color wheel before I was riding a bike. I studied color theory all the waythrough college and then in my post-graduate years studying vibrational and energetic color psychology. Yet color still remains a mystery to me.

When I am speaking about our range people often ask me, “which color should I choose?” This seemingly simple question is actually quitecomplex. My response often is, “the perfect color for you hasn’t been named yet.” Or, “which part of you is asking?” This might get a smile,but then my practical side comes forward as I offer the question, “How do you intend to use your bottle?” This can help narrow down the choices.Many people like more than one.

I thought that I might offer what a few of our colors mean to me, which might serve as a helpful guide in determining which color bottlemight fit you the best. This can also be helpful in choosing one as a gift for someone else.

Red is often associated with passion and fire. Red attracts attention, in fact red demands it. It is energizing and appeals to the more instinctual side of our selves. I chose a red that has a strong passionate nature, with a depth and grounding in tradition and wisdom. A sustaining and transformative color. Great on the bedside table and for those who are seeking a conscious lifestyle change.

Orange represents creativity and manifestation; an openness to new ideas. Itcan make one hungry for stimulating nourishment. It can provide relieffrom daily patterns and programming. It represents expressiveness, originality and levity. Our orange has a vintage vitality to it, like apast vision of a positive future. It is the sunset and a tangerinemixed into one. It is about finding what is fresh in what is eternal. Create yourself.

Spring Green represents new life, a compassionate heart and unending resource. Itshows a connection to the earth, to health and wellness. Sometimes Iget up in the early morning, just before the sunrise. I reach for mygreen bottle and fill it with hot water and lemon and leave the housefor a long hike to the Marin headlands. This is my commitment to myselfand my green bottle reflects this beautifully.

Pearl White represents wisdom and transparency. When all of the colors of lightcome together they mix to form white light. Having both the color ofexperience and containment of clear restraint is wisdom to me. Thepersonality is in the very fact of being. And yet through this clarityit is fancy, classy and chic all at the same time. Go figure…

Sky Blue is reserved and looks different in almost every setting. Sometimes itchannels the bright light blue of the early morning and sometimesreminiscent of the receding fog of a San Francisco afternoon. It is amodern color – Le Corbusier would have loved this color. Meant for thosewho focus on the poetry of utility, and that is the fashion statement.

Midnight Blue represents strength and focus. A more inward vision and directconnection to what is important right now. It is a masculine color butcertainly not for men only. I often give this color to people fortheir first bottle. It is a safe choice and a good launching pad for adeeper exploration on the next bottle.

With all of the emotional content that color brings forth I try to design a range where there is something for everyone. A safe choice, an extravagant choice, a carefree choice, a wise choice. Is there a color that you feel strongly about? An event with which you associate a particular color? As I said earlier, color continues to be a mystery to me. I can’t imagine a day without experiencing and reflecting on the subtleties of our color-filled world.