- Featuring 9 oz Glass Bottle with Flat Cap - August 13, 2015

August 13, 2015

The second installation in my “back-to-school bootcamp” hones in on lunch box gear.  I can’t overstate how much easier it is to pull together school lunches when you’ve got your meal packing essentials stocked, organized, and in good working order.  Having written an entire book devoted to the subject of school lunch, I have road tested more than my fair share of hardware. Today, I round up some of my favorites to pass along to you. Many of these items don’t come cheap, but in my experience, it pays to invest in sturdy equipment that will last for the long haul...

Lifefactory — My personal favorite, these glass water bottles are encased in protective silicone, which means the water tastes great. I’ve never had a problem with breakage, but it’s something to consider for littler ones who might be a little clumsier with their lunch gear.

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August 6, 2015

The beauty of the reusable water bottle is that it's just that — reusable. You can repeatedly head to the water cooler or faucet to fill it up, but when your bottle continually stays wet, it doesn't have the chance to get a proper cleaning. Since bacteria love a moist, dark environment, it's good to get in the habit of cleaning your bottle every night — or at least every few days. Here are some ways you can get rid of the germs and grime.

Throw it in the dishwasher: Some bottles are dishwasher safe, so check the bottom of your bottle or the brand's website to make sure. Kleen Kanteen Classic stainless-steel bottles and glass bottles like those from Lifefactory and bkr are dishwasher safe, as well as some products from Nalgene and Camelbak.

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August 3, 2015

Sure, water is good for you, but water in plastic bottles can be bad for your wallet and bad for the environment. A daily bottled water habit can easily cost one person a few hundred dollars per year. Instead, invest in a high-quality reusable bottle -- I like glass ones from Lifefactory -- and fill it with filtered water. In just one year, that investment will help you recoup, on average, about $240. Cheers to the ecological savings!

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July 9, 2015

Remember what it feels like to get excited for lunch? You don’t need high-tech equipment or even finely tuned kitchen skills to build the midday meal of your dreams. In fact, with just a little strategic planning and a touch of creativity, your brown bag could be on its way to interoffice stardom. Here’s how to reclaim your afternoon break with spirit, substance, and super fresh ideas.

Shown here: Bamboo Rice Salad, Market Street Grocery. Lifefactory Reusable BPA/BPS-Free Glass Bottle, East End Food Co-op...

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