- Featuring Glass Bottle with Straw Cap - June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

You’re always watching commercials and seeing celebrities talk about how they love a particular brand of orange juice or TOTALLY use that down-market at-home hair dye, but you never know what they actually use... With Celebrity Faves, we’ll find out the products our favorite celebrities can’t live without, and then tell you where you can buy them for yourself. You’re welcome.

Peyton’s Faves:
2. Life Factory Water Bottle: “This glass water bottle is perfect to take on the go. It fits in the cup holder in my car and is also light enough to throw in my purse without weighing me down. The bright colors make drinking water much more exciting!”

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June 1, 2015

Warm weather and sunny days invite us to spend more time outdoors. For foodies, this means it’s picnic season! When planning a picnic this summer, whether you’re going to the beach, park or just enjoying time on your patio, don’t forget to focus on hydration. The body is predominately made of water, between 50-75% in fact and our body is at an increased risk for dehydration during warm weather. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, difficulty making decisions, headache, a slow sluggish metabolism and feeling on edge. That being said, staying properly hydrated is key for optimal health..!

Products shown: Lifefactory Glass Bottles and Glass Food Storage, Picnic Time Activo Lunch Bag

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May 19, 2015

Which water bottle is the best? Although hydration is one of our basic needs, the answer to the "best water bottle" question is not as simple as it may seem. To find out, we took ten of the most popular bottles on the market and put them through three months of testing!.. From the field, to the office, and in the lab, we asked a lot from these bottles. Read on to see how they performed and which bottle is best for your lifestyle and outdoor adventures.

Our Top Pick for Eco-Health is the glass Lifefactory Classic 22 bottle. It works very well as a lifestyle bottle, while at the same time satisfying the increasing consumer demand for alternatives to plastic. As noted in the review above, glass is widely accepted as being safe from chemical leaching. It fits well into car cup holders, as well as your hands due to the comfortable silicone sleeve. We loved that it provides the portability of a water bottle, yet feels like drinking out of a glass in our kitchen. We were also very impressed when it passed our drop tests. With proper care, this bottle will last a very long time.

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