UrbanVelo.org - Featuring Straw Cap Glass Bottles - January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013

Not the best for actual on the bike use, but I could see carrying this to work and back in a pannier for at the desk hydration. Aside from breakage, glass dirnking vessels are hands down my favorite to use. Easy to clean, non-toxic, flavorless and resistant to holding the taste of today’s beverage for tomorrow, there are a lot of reasons to like glass. Plastic bottles don’t bother me on the bike, but on the job I just can’t handle them. Lifefactory has introduced the Straw Cap line of 16 and 22 oz silicone shielded glass bottles to go alongside their flip and screw cap versions. Screw or flip cap versions are available now, with the straw cap available in store this spring for roughly $25. I can see this on summer commuter’s desks already.

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RunnersWorld.com - January 1, 2013 - Adult Glass Bottles

January 1, 2013

Runners know it’s important to drink fluids, especially on long runs. But, to run at a high level, it’s equally important to stay hydrated during the rest of your waking hours. The easiest way to do that is to keep a bottle of water on your desk, in your car, and at home. Here are five fashionable bottles you can take with you anywhere, so you’ll have water within reach all day.

Yet another glass-and-silicone bottle, Lifefactory is more widely available and can be found at stores like Whole Foods and the Container Store. Similar to the Camelbak Eddy, the glass bottle is made in France. There are two top options: A silicone flip-top cap has a small spout for easier drinking when on the move, while a simple screw-on lid ensures the bottle won’t leak, even when bouncing around inside a bag.

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