Goody Blog - Featuring 22 oz Glass Bottle - February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

It’s been some time since I’ve come across a resusable water bottle worth talking about. But after testing a sample of Lifefactory‘s new Glass Beverage Bottle over the last three months I’ve become a super-fan. First off, this 22oz glass bottle is tough, tough, tough. I’ve been carrying it in my tote back and forth to work every day and haven’t even come close to breaking it thanks to the easy-to-grip, silicone sleeve. Plus, unlike other water bottles, it’s truly simple to clean. You can wash it by hand (here’s where the widemouth comes in clutch for more than sipping) or pop it in the dishwasher with or without the sleeve. The Beverage Bottle is made of glass, so it’s PVC- and BPA-free and won’t leach chemicals into your water or tinge the taste. Plus, the whole bottle is FDA-approved, which makes you feel pretty good about pouring fluids you plan on consuming inside! Bonus: the design and materials used in the Beverage Bottle were adapted from Lifefactory’s original glass Baby Bottle, so now the whole family can stay hydrated safely and stylishly! Check out the entire line here.

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