- Featuring 22 oz Classic Cap Glass Bottle - February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

It’s Valentine’s Day and if you have a girlfriend, you have only a few hours to head to the store and stock up on some goods to impress her tonight. If your lady frequents the gym or just likes to look sporty, here are 10 suggestions to show you care. These are 10 Things to Give Your Athletic Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.


No. 6 – Lifefactory Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve


Why She’ll Love: This water bottle improves the hydration experience as a whole. It’s that good.
Why You’ll Love: Stuff a love note in it and you’re set.


Drinking water out of a glass bottle is always better. Just think about consuming bottled Coke vs. today’s canned version, glass wins. It’s a little heavier than most plastic or stainless steel models today, but it’s easy to carry thanks to the classic loop and well-protected by the silicone sleeve. $23

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February 1, 2013

For cyclists, staying hydrated is a full-time job. And while traditional plastic bottles fit the bill for long rides on the road or trail, they aren’t the best when you’re off the bike. These all-glass bottles from Lifefactory fit perfectly in a pack while bike commuting or for sipping water at your desk or workspace. The 16- and 22-ounce bottles come in screw-off or flip-top options and are covered by a medical-grade, non-slip silicone sleeve to prevent breakage. My bottle is hanging tough after repeated drops on pavement and other hard surfaces. Regularly drinking from a glass bottle has become an indispensable treat. The water simply tastes better and fresher, and the bottle is easier to clean completely. All Lifefactory bottles are manufactured in the United States and Europe.

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