- Featuring 9 oz Baby Bottles - July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011

I recently went to a friend’s baby shower, which is always an interesting chance for me to gauge what other new moms and seasoned moms think are the must-have gifts to give. Because apart from the big items like a stroller, car seat and crib, we all want to give something that’s both useful and special. Something to stand apart from the Gerber onesies and diaper cakes.

It’s also interesting just how much we forget about the newborn stage when we’re out of those fleeting months. (Probably the sleep deprivation.) So to help anyone heading to a baby shower in the near future, here are 10 of our favorite gifts for newborns:


9.  Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

With the anti-BPA/anti-chemicals/anti-plastic movement going on, new parents are often scared of dangerous materials leaching into their brand new babies — especially through their plastic baby bottles. These Lifefactory glass bottles will set mom’s mind at ease for more than just the healthy glass design: the colorful silicone sleeve protects the bottle from highchair heights, and the borosilicate glass can go from the freezer to boiling water. Need another reason to love them? The nipple can be removed and replaced with a cap for toddler and big kid drinking.

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