- Featuring Lifefactory - August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Not all the gear I use is ultra rugged, backcountry ready, bomb proof.  Like most of you, I have a normal life, and the daily demands I make of my gear are not all that out there.  I am completely addicted to water bottles, and I have one for just about every occasion.  That said, the one I have sitting on my desk I simply can’t get enough of.  LifeFactory delivers a line of water bottles made for everyday life.

The bottle itself is made of glass, yes glass, with a protective silicone sleeve that provides anti-slip grip.  If you do drop it, the silicone helps in preventing breakage when dropped from a reasonable height.  Why glass?  Well, with all the hubbub about BPA and other chemical linings freaking people out, glass takes away all of those concerns.  You get zero added taste as well, so your water tastes like water, not metal or some nasty chemical flavor.

Options abound…  for the whole family.  With 22oz, 16oz9oz bottles and even 4oz baby bottles, a variety of colors and 3 different cap styles, you can get exactly what you need.  They recently launched a straw cap version, for those of you that like to sip rather than swig.  Any smoothie and juice fans out there?  Well, there is a whole limited edition line made up of clear silicone so you can marvel at your creations.

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August 23, 2013

Here are a few items that I recommend for Breastfeeding Mamas: (...)

Lifefactory: Glass is our #1 choice for drinking and the same will go for baby. Lifefactory offers
both 4 and 9 oz. bottles, perfect for storing breast milk for later
use. The silicone sleeve protects it from breaking, the clear glass is
easy to clean, contains zero chemicals and doesn’t hold smells. I love
that once baby is done with the bottle stage, simply pop on a different
spout and bam! now you have a sippy cup! One container, versatile usage!

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August 23, 2013

So the giveaway! Let’s talk about it! Lifefactory sent us some of its glass travel bottles recently, and we love them. BPA-free, glass, silicone sleeves, easy-grab lids and dishwasher-safe cleaning. We’re thrilled to host Lifefactory’s giveaway of one 16-ounce bottle (as pictured in this post) here. The Rafflecopter widget explains how to enter. Contest ends Tuesday morning at 12 a.m.
**Only restrictions are US delivery only. Sorry, everybody else!

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