Coffee Travel Mug

12 oz Glass Coffee Travel Mug with Cafe Cap and Insulating Sleeve, Teal


NEW Cafe Collection Glass Mug for hot beverages.

The NEW 12 oz (350 ml) Glass Mug with Cafe Cap and protective insulating foam sleeve for hot beverages. Our Cafe Collection is designed for maximum enjoyment of coffee and tea on-the-go. Our glass delivers pure taste, full flavor and is healthy for everyday use.

For peak flavor, enjoy coffee / tea directly after brewing / steeping; our mugs keep your beverages warm for up to one hour. 

The Cafe Collection is crafted in the USA and France.

Hot beverage friendly Cafe Cap

o One-hand open/close – great for driving

o Safe sipping well – liquid cools before entering mouth

o Pivoting handle – easy carry

o Spillproof seal – safe transport

o Made in the USA of polypropylene (PP#5)

High quality borosilicate glass bottle

o Taste purity – full flavor

o Healthy core material  – no leaching or taste residue

o Thermal shock resistant glass – safely handles temperature changes

o Wide mouth opening – easy to clean, fill, brew, steep

o Thick sturdy glass – highly durable but not unbreakable

o Made in France

Protective insulating sleeve

o Ample insulation for everyday use

o Protects glass – added durability

o Non-slip grip – fewer drops

o Cool touch – safe handling

o Viewing ports – watch brewing, see what’s left, ensure cleanliness

o Made in the USA

All components are…

o Dishwasher safe (with sleeve on / cap on top rack)

o BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free

Do not microwave. 

Height (handle raised): 9.25"

Cap width: 3.6"

Base width: 2.9"

Weight: 13.2 oz

Capacity: 12 oz | 350 ml

Origin: Glass made in France; Cap and sleeve made in the U.S.; Product assembled in the U.S.

Glass type: Borosilicate


Care & Use 

Suitable for hot and cold beverages. Bottle, sleeve and cap are all dishwasher safe. Before first use, wash all parts in warm soapy water or in dishwasher. Place cap on top rack of dishwasher with spout in open position. The sleeve does not need to be removed for cleaning. Use a non-abrasive sponge or brush if hand cleaning.


Your Cafe Collection glass mug is designed to hold beverages that may be hot enough to seriously burn you. Use caution while drinking hot beverages. Glass bottle will get hot to the touch when the temperature of your beverage inside is hot. Do not handle the glass bottle directly when liquid is hot—grip bottle via protective sleeve. The sleeve is protective but does not make glass unbreakable. Keep bottle out of reach of children. Regularly inspect glass to ensure there are no chips or cracks. If you find any chips or cracks, discontinue use and safely dispose of the product immediately. Do not microwave. Do not place in boiling water. Do not place on heating element. Do not freeze. Do not overfill (use top of sleeve / base of threading as fill limit). Ensure that the cap is properly and securely threaded to the bottle before drinking.


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