Optic White Pivot Straw Cap for 12, 16 and 22oz Bottles


The Pivot Straw Cap offers a medium flow rate for upright, spillproof sipping.

If you're looking for a medium flow for upright, spill-proof sipping, the Pivot Straw Cap is perfect. The straw pivots on an axis for easy drinking no matter the angle. The pivoting handle provides an easy way to carry the bottle while stowing out of the way while drinking.

Pivot Straw Cap Features:
 - Cap is compatible with 22oz bottles and can be trimmed/snipped to fit 16 and 12oz bottles
 - Medium flow rate for upright, spill-proof sipping
 - Pivoting handle allows for easy carrying and stows away while drinking
 - Straw pivots on an axis so you can drink from a range of angles
  • Suitable for 12, 16 and 22oz Bottles.
  • Cap width: 3.25"
  • Cap is dishwasher safe. Place cap on top rack of dishwasher with flip spout in the open position.
  • Before first use, wash all parts in hot soapy water or dishwasher.
  • Grey gasket inside the cap does not need to be removed.

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