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A date night favorite. It’s love at first sip.


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Glass Hydration. Made with Care.

Our high quality glass is manufactured in France and rigorously tested to meet FDA standards, to produce a crystal clear bottle that offers a pure taste every day.

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For Everyday Life.

Finding a true all-family solution is all too rare. With our combination of BPA-free glass bottles and silicone sleeves, Lifefactory products are designed to suit any stage of life: From a baby’s first bottle to the water bottles you count on every day.

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Moms and Dads - say hello to your new favorite sidekick.

Shop our baby collection. Because no super-hero should do it alone. Across a variety of lids, sizes and styles, Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles are built for your everyday parenting adventures. BPA-free materials to ease your mind. Unique glass and silicone design to help protect the bottle and add beauty to your routine.

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