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We offer thoughtfully designed, BPA free products for everyday life. We believe in using high quality, lasting materials and manufacturing our products with trusted partners.

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Made With Care
To Make Healthy Habits, Delightful

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Quality Materials

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Less Single-Use Plastic Waste

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Our Story

At Lifefactory Brand, we strive to make healthy habits, delightful. Pure glass, stainless steel and protective silicone are central to our unique collection of purposefully designed essentials to help you care for yourself, your family, and the world around you.

From reusable bottles and glassware to insulated totes, our products are a daily reminder that healthier habits create real impact. We stand for quality, continually striving to reduce single-use plastic, and focus on inspiring healthy daily choices.

Simply put, we believe that doing good should also feel good.

Lifefactory Products

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Here’s to more hand-me-downs.

We believe in products that make it to the hands of little brothers, little sisters, cousins and neighbors. Because when products are built to last, we buy less, share more and can feel even more confident in what we pass down to our loved ones.

Blue hydration bottle and blue wine glass sitting on bench next to plant

Replacing single use bottles has never looked so good.

With a variety of modern styles and mix-and-match lid designs, we have everything you need to find a long lasting glass bottle that’s uniquely you.

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